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cbd oil strength

CBD Oil Strength

As the world explores the benefits of CBD oil, the CBD market has grown exponentially in recent years, with many potency levels becoming available. But with so many options to choose from, it can be confusing to find the CBD oil strength that's perfect for you. 

Today, we'll do a deep dive into CBD oil strength and discuss everything there is to know when browsing for CBD oil. We'll also guide you to the right CBD oil strength for your unique needs, and let you know why CBD oil works.

What this article covers:

What Strengths Of CBD Oil Are There?

what percentage of cbd oil is best

CBD oil strengths can range anywhere from 500mg CBD oil all the way to 5000 mg CBD oil. In between those two, you'll find many levels and even a few that surpass the 5000mg mark.

In a 5000 mg bottle of CBD oil, you'll get much more CBD concentrate per 1 ml than you will in a 500 mg bottle of CBD oil.

For example, our 500 mg CBD contains 17 mg of cannabidiol per 1 ml. The 5000 mg bottle, on the other hand, has 84 mg of cannabidiol per 1 ml serving.

By figuring out how much cannabidiol you have per serving, you'll know what potency to expect. The 500 mg CBD will have a regular potency per serving. The 5000 mg has almost five times the amount of CBD in one serving, making it five times more potent.

what's the best strength of cbd oil

Most Common Strengths

When browsing CBD oil, you'll come across three common methods of CBD strength measurement. Each of them will help you determine how strong the CBD oil is. From our observations, some companies, like us, provide information on all three, while others might only have one or two units on their product pages.


One common method of establishing the strength of CBD oil is the potency the company gives it.

For example, we offer three strengths:

  • Regular strength
  • Extra Strength
  • High Potency

Cannabidiol Per Serving

Finally, the best CBD oil on the market will tell you exactly what to expect from your CBD by listing how much cannabidiol is present per serving or ml.

For example, our 1250 mg CBD oil contains 42 mg of cannabidiol per 1 ml of oil. The higher the mg per ml, the more potent the CBD will be.

what is the best strength cbd oil

This gives you a clear idea of what to expect from every drop of CBD oil in the bottle.

What Strength CBD Oil Is Right For Me?

Let's take a look at what CBD will work for your needs.

Regular Strength

Our regular strength range of CBD contains 17 mg of CBD per 1 ml serving. We blend organic, phytocannabinoid-rich hemp extract with organic MCT to produce a smooth-tasting CBD oil perfect for everyone.

This level of CBD is great if you're new to CBD or experiencing minor imbalances.

Regular-strength CBD oil is an appropriate serving for people who are just starting with CBD oil.

Extra Strength

what is the best strength cbd oil to use

Extra strength is more potent than regular-strength CBD oil and it's very popular for its impressive effects. It contains 42 mg of CBD per 1 ml serving.

Our customers use extra-strength CBD oil for more severe ailments. 

High Potency

High-potency CBD oil contains double that of extra strength. Every 1 ml serving contains 84 mg of CBD. This level of CBD is intense and isn't an option for those just starting with CBD oil. But, if you need powerful effects and you have experience with CBD, this is the option for you.

Our high-potency oil will help your body rest, recover, repair, and balance.

Factors To Consider When Choosing CBD Oil

Based on our observations, here are a few things to keep in mind when browsing CBD oil, especially when you read about the brand's oil strength.

The more severe your symptoms, the higher the CBD oil strength should be. The same is true for the opposite. If you only need a mild pain reliever or pick me up during the day, a low-potency CBD oil will work just fine.

If you're on medication, it's important to consult your doctor before buying. CBD oil. Make sure the CBD oil would be fine with your prescription.

Bottle Size

Next, just because two bottles say they contain the same amount of CBD doesn't mean they are the same potency.

For example, we offer Pure Spectrum 2500 mg oil in a 60 ml bottle. We also offer 2500 mg oil in a 30 ml bottle. Because both options contain 2500mg, it's easy to think they have the same potency.

But the bottle size has an impact on the potency. While both contain 2500 mg of CBD, the Pure Spectrum bottle contains twice as many servings as the Black Label bottle.

That means for every 1 ml serving, the Pure Spectrum bottle contains 42 mg of CBD. The Black Label bottle contains 84 mg of CBD per 1 ml serving. The Black Label bottle is double the potency of the Pure Spectrum 2500 mg bottle.

Remember the following equation: product CBD (mg) ÷ bottle size (ml) = CBD (mg) per 1 ml serving

With this equation, you can see the potency difference in different products, even if they contain the same amount of CBD.

Product Type

CBD oil comes in a variety of forms. Luckily, products like soft gels/gummies and CBD isolates use similar methods of measurement as CBD tinctures.

what strength of cbd oil is right for me
For example, if you buy our 30mg CBD softgels, you can expect 30 mg of cannabidiol in each soft gel or per serving.

But, keep serving sizes in mind when buying other forms of CBD oil. A CBD soft gel that promises 80 mg per serving might not contain 80mg in one gel pill but rather that one serving equals two pills that contain 40 mg each.

Always check the fine print. If you buy a 30-day supply of CBD oil, expecting 80mg potency for every soft gel, the above fact could ruin your budget.

what strengths does cbd oil come in

Product Quality

Not all CBD oil is created equal and you must find brands that are high quality, like Pure Spectrum. There aren't a lot of regulations on CBD products yet, meaning people can sell nothing but hempseeds and call it a CBD product.

So, if you ever bought CBD oil and found yourself wondering why CBD oil doesn't work, it might just be that you bought a dud without any active CBD ingredients.

Use these checks to ensure high-quality CBD:

  • Check Reviews: One of the benefits of buying CBD oil online is the robust reviewing network. For example, we have a very high rating and hundreds of happy reviews on Trustpilot alone. Check reviews for the product and see whether they deliver on their promises as we do.
  • Check Test Results: Transparency will always work in your favor. We post our CBD lab results on our test results page, with clear product ingredient lists.
  • Product Information: The more a company knows about its product, the better. When browsing CBD oil, buy from companies that list two or three measurement methods as we do. Our products are clearly labeled and provide detailed product information.

CBD products are known for being a little expensive. But, why are CBD products so expensive? There are many reasons, chief among them quality control. However, that doesn't mean you should pay ridiculous amounts for your oil.

Be prepared to pay for CBD oil but don't go for the most expensive brand. Many great brands charge reasonable prices for pure CBD hemp oil.

is 300 mg cbd oil strong

Consumption Method

How long does it take for CBD oil to work? How long does CBD oil effects last? Consumption methods can impact all of this, as well as how often to use CBD oil. And it's all because of bioavailability.

Bioavailability refers to the rate at which a substance can absorb into the body.

Consumption methods like gummies, which pass through the stomach, introduce CBD oil to stomach acid. This degrades the CBD quality, ultimately lowering its strength. Unless the gummies of soft gels have quick-release capsules, you could expect a certain level of effect only to get a much lower dose.

In this regard, sublingual (under the tongue) administration is the best option for most people. It's quick because the CBD quickly passes through the capillaries under the tongue into the bloodstream. It also preserves bioavailability because the product doesn't come into contact with any degrading substances. This means the product strength you buy is the product strength you get.

Individual Biology

CBD doesn't react the same with everybody, which can make finding the right oil strength hard. As everybody's needs are different, we encourage, experimenting with serving size/frequency to see what is best for you. According to US Patent 6630507, CBD is non-toxic in large quantities.

what does 5 cbd oil mean

If you are not getting the results you are looking for after one month of consistent use, this indicates that you should try a higher-strength product, take a larger serving size, or incorporate another delivery method.

The reason CBD can take up to a month to begin working is because of the way CBD interacts with our Endocannabinoid System. The Endocannabinoid System (ECS) is a communication network that transmits information to and from all systems throughout the body.

The ECS works to maintain homeostasis- the body's optimal state. The ECS is essentially the motherboard of all the systems in your body and works to create balance and harmony. CBD interacts directly with the ECS by boosting the levels of our naturally occurring endocannabinoids.

Other unique factors could also impact how your body reacts to CBD oil. That's why we always recommend starting on a lower-strength CBD product. From there, you can adjust the CBD oil strength until it fits you just right.

Industry Standards & Purity

Always buy from companies that test their products and manufacture consistent and high-quality CBD oil.

With 25% of CBD products not tested for CBD purity, it's no wonder that ineffective products slip through the cracks. Always buy from a company, like ours, that can concretely prove the purity of the CBD oil being sold.

cbd oil mg to percentage

Test The CBD Strength

It's always better to start small and work your way up the CBD oil strength scale. When you start using CBD, start at the lowest possible serving for your needs.

Finding the best CBD oil strength isn't a cut-and-dry experience. It takes trial and error to find the strength that works best with your body and its demands. So, be patient and give your body time to adjust.


CBD oil is an effective treatment for many chronic conditions. It's also a great support substance for people dealing with cancer treatment or other painful conditions.

The tricky part is finding the right CBD oil strength for your needs. Use this guide to find the perfect entry point for your CBD needs and use the considerations to navigate CBD potency like a pro. From there, test the oil and how it interacts with your body until you find your CBD oil soulmate.

CBD Oil Strength (FAQs)

What should I expect from the first-time effects of CBD?

CBD interacts with the Endocannabinoid system, which is a complex communication network in the human body. CBD boosts the naturally occurring endocannabinoids in your body to balance this system.

It takes some time for the ECS system to recalibrate. It's only then that you'll start to feel the positive effects of CBD. But make no mistake–CBD is doing hard work inside your body, even if you don't immediately feel it.

It's hard to describe a specific feeling for CBD. CBD is adaptogenic, which means it can feel very different in different bodies. It's also biphasic. Different serving sizes affect bodies differently. A small serving of CBD could make you alert, while a large one could make you feel relaxed and sleepy.

So, how it feels in your body could be very different from how it feels in everyone else's. To learn more, read this guide on how CBD makes you feel.

what strength cbd oil

What's the best strength of CBD?

The best strength of CBD oil depends on what you need.

If you are just starting with CBD, regular-strength CBD oil is your best option. If you're a frequent user or deal with chronic issues, extra strength will do the trick.

Finally, if you have a high-performance lifestyle or you need CBD oil with intense medicinal properties, high potency is the way to go.

How much CBD should a beginner start with?

There is no one size fits all answer. But the average CBD beginner can start with anything from 15 to 30 mg CBD. It's a good starting point and should effectively indicate whether you should go a little lower with your next dose or if you can start with higher potency oil.

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