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does thc-free cbd oil work

Does CBD Oil Work Without THC?

Both Cannabidiol (CBD) and Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) are cannabinoids, derived from the cannabis plant family, and they can offer similar benefits. Although the THC content in most CBD oils is negligible, not everyone wants THC in their CBD oil because of its intoxicating properties.

Does CBD oil work without THC? Many first-time CBD users are confused by this question. 

We have years of expertise in the CBD oil industry, and our research into CBD without THC has helped clarify this for many users. So keep reading to discover the truth about how CBD can offer countless benefits, without any THC content.

What this article covers:

Does THC-Free CBD Oil Work?

Is CBD oil effective without THC? Yes, THC-free CBD oils work, and they work very well. THC is not a necessary component for CBD oil to work in the human body.

Like THC, CBD is derived from the cannabis plant family. They have a similar chemical structure and can offer similar benefits, too. Many users find them both helpful for relaxation, stress, pain, or sleep. 

However, THC is the active ingredient that produces the “high”. And when it's present in CBD oil in a high enough dose, it can do the same thing, while THC-free CBD oil never will.

does cbd oil without thc work

THC stimulates the part of your brain that responds to pleasure. And this in turn triggers a release of dopamine, which is what creates that feeling of relaxation or euphoria. Unfortunately, THC use can also produce some unwanted side effects like loss of focus or balance, and, in extreme cases, hallucinations.

It's the reason why many users prefer using CBD oils with no THC in them. There are several advantages to avoiding THC in your CBD oil, which we'll get to in a moment. But first, let's examine the benefits of THC-free CBD oils.

Benefits Of Choosing THC-Free CBD Oils

What is CBD oil without THC good for? Are there any distinct benefits to avoiding THC in your CBD oils? Yes, there are many advantages to using THC-free CBD oils, but the most common ones are:

  • THC-free CBD oil is more widely legalized
  • THC-free CBD oil won't cause a positive THC result in drug tests
  • You won't get ‘high' from CBD oils that don't contain THC

Note that these benefits only apply to THC-free CBD oils and not to CBD oils touted as low-THC CBD oils. There's a big difference between low and no-THC CBD oil.

To qualify as a low THC CBD oil, the THC concentration has to be 0.3% or less in some US states. However, each state has its own regulation and this minimum legal concentration amount can vary. But the legality of THC is not the only concern.

Everyone is unique and will respond to a substance in their own way. Sometimes even a very low CBD oil THC content will still produce intoxication and other unwanted effects in people very susceptible to THC.

The danger with low-THC oils is that unless you buy them from a reputable business that guarantees their results, you can't be 100% sure that you're meeting the basic minimum in your state.

no high cbd oil

Reasons Some Users Want To Avoid THC In Their CBD OIls

What are the reasons that some users don't want to use CBD oil with THC in it?

  • There are many reasons, but most of them relate to legal issues, personal values and beliefs, or simply not wanting to get high. CBD oil without THC in it will not cause the conflicts that THC will.
  • THC is often considered a recreational drug whereas with CBD it is safe to drive, operate machinery, etc. 
  • Professional athletes in particular enjoy the option of THC-free CBD oils. THC is listed on most professional sports organizations' lists as a banned substance.

Where To Get The Best CBD Oils Without THC

Need the best CBD oil without additives? You need to look no further than Pure Spectrum. Thanks to our research into CBD and its effects, we've cornered the CBD oil market with our wide range of trusted CBD products. They're effective, all-natural, and all free of THC.

what does cbd oil without thc do

There are several different types of THC-free CBD oils, as we all have different needs. We have found that it's often best to start off with the lowest concentration of CBD, and slowly upgrade your CBD routine to match your individual circumstances.

Low-concentration CBD oil can help with mild stress or pain. Our cannabidiol oil 1250mg is more suitable for people suffering from mild to moderate imbalances. It is also available in a 2500 mg (60 serving) bottle, so you don't run out of your CBD oil too quickly.

cbd oil without thc does it work

Our extra-strength, high-potency Black Label CBD oils are ideal for anyone suffering from more severe imbalances. Choose between the 2500mg CBD oil or the larger bottle 5000mg CBD oil tincture bottle.

what is cbd oil without thc good for

We also offer CBD topicals, gummies, and 30mg CBD softgels, for easy everyday use. Even our cherished pets can benefit from CBD oil therapy when given specifically formulated CBD hemp oil for cats and dogs.

does cbd oil work without thc


How To Decide On The Best THC-Free CBD Oil For Your Needs

Based on our observations the key to CBD efficacy is consistency. We generally suggest you start with the lowest concentration, like our 500mg CBD oil. Assess your results after a few weeks of daily use, and increase if needed. 

Should you find that the lower concentration is not working for you, move on to a higher concentration, or simply increase the frequency of your CBD oil servings. If you suffer from severe pain or stress you may opt to start with a high-potency CBD oil. 

Of course, your situation may change, and you need your CBD routine to adapt to new conditions. That's why most users find isolates, mints, and topicals so useful. They allow you to enhance your existing CBD routine when the need arises.

Why Are Pure Spectrum CBD Oils THC Free?

Pure Spectrum is the top choice for pure natural CBD oil, but some users may not understand why we're so determined to keep our products THC-free.

We understand that people from all ages, backgrounds, cultures, and sporting disciplines find relief in CBD supplementation. And we want to offer the benefits of CBD oil to all of you.

cbd oil with thc or without

Some CBD oils contain trace amounts of THC. Unfortunately, THC's intoxicating effects, and other side effects, make it unsuitable for some people. That's why we decided to produce only THC-free CBD oils that everyone can enjoy.

Not only that, we have dedicated ourselves to transparency in all that we do. So we regularly test our products and put the test results up on our website for everyone to see. It is this commitment to quality and excellence that has made it one of the leading suppliers of THC-free CBD oils.


Despite both being cannabinoids from the cannabis plant family, THC, and CBD work in different ways. Does CBD oil work without THC? It sure does. And not only does it work, but there are many reasons why users prefer CBD oil without THC.

Using a ‘no high' CBD oil is legal, won't cause intoxication, and is even safe for athletes to use. So for all the benefits of CBD oil without the side effects or complications of THC, choose us for your CBD supplementation regimen.

No-High CBD Oil (FAQs)

Why does THC make me why when CBD does not?

Although THC and CBD have a similar chemical structure, this small difference causes the compounds to interact differently with our Endocannabinoid system.

Can THC and CBD be used together?

Yes, they can be used together. 

Why IS THC in CBD oil illegal?

It's not only the presence but also the concentration of THC that determines whether a specific CBD oil is legal in your state or not. THC is viewed as a recreational drug in many communities and as a banned substance by most sports bodies.

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