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cbd oil with low thc

CBD Oil with Low THC

Many first-time CBD oil users are surprised to learn that there are different types of CBD oils. Some contain THC, and others contain only minimal traces or even no THC. But are there any benefits to choosing a CBD oil with low THC?

Yes, there are some really big advantages to doing so! Not only do they provide the general benefits that CBD offers, but low and THC-free oils offer distinct benefits of their own.

So, what are the best low-THC CBD oils to use and where can you get them? Keep reading and you'll find out. We explore the best low-THC CBD oils and the various benefits that each one of them offers users. We also examined the benefits of choosing CBD oils that are completely THC-free.

What this article covers:

Low-THC CBD Oil Products

Are you looking for low-THC CBD oil? You'll be pleased to know that every product on this list is a 100% THC-free CBD oil or a CBD isolate-based product with zero THC.

Every Pure Spectrum CBD product is tested and certified to be free of THC. Based on our research, we highly recommend them for chronic pain management, the treatment of severe inflammation, post-workout recovery, and stress relief. However, there are different types of THC-free CBD oils.

Some are full-spectrum, while others are broad-spectrum. Certain CBD oils have higher concentrations of CBD than others. Even the carrier oils that the CBD extract is blended into, may differ. The one you choose will depend on your needs and tastes.

Pure Spectrum 500 mg Cannabidiol Oil (Best For Beginners)

This full spectrum 500mg CBD oil is the ideal choice for beginners who are looking for a CBD oil with low THC. Like all the Pure Spectrum CBD oils, it is absolutely THC-free, and the concentration of 17 mg of CBD/serving (1mL) is perfect for first-time users.

To get the most out of CBD oils, you must use them regularly and consistently. It can take time to produce effects, and everyone reacts differently. But, we've found that starting with a mild concentration of CBD like this one, is a good starting point.

high cbd low thc tincture

It has the lowest CBD content in our oils and tinctures range and is blended in a base oil of organic MCT oil. The broad-spectrum hemp extract also contains other phytocannabinoids as well as terpenes (aromatic compounds) of the cannabis plant.

If you're looking for a CBD oil with low THC for relief from mild anxiety, or insomnia, this low-concentration CBD oil may be the perfect solution.

Why It's Great

  • THC-free
  • Full-spectrum hemp extract
  • Organic MCT oil base - loved by athletes for its energizing properties
  • Low CBD concentration suitable for beginners

Who It's Right for

  • First-time CBD users
  • Athletes
  • Anyone needing only a low concentration of CBD oil
  • Everyone looking for a full-spectrum CBD oil with no THC

Pure Spectrum 1250 mg CBD Oil (Best For Regular Users)

The Pure Spectrum 1250 mg cannabidiol oil with an organic MCT oil base contains approximately 42 mg of CBD/serving (1mL). This makes it suitable for experienced CBD users who need a higher concentration of CBD per serving.

This is a broad-spectrum CBD product and thus contains terpene profiles of the cannabis plant. It's the second-highest CBD concentration among our range of oils and tinctures. The 1250mg bottle contains enough servings for a month if one serving a day is used.

This broad-spectrum CBD oil is also available in a 2500 mg bottle. The product is identical in all respects, except for the amount of potential servings. The 2500mg bottle of CBD oil allows up to 60 servings, and this can last for up to two months if you take one serving a day.

low thc high cbd hemp oil

Why It's Great

  • THC-free CBD oil
  • Second-highest CBD oil concentration in the Pure Spectrum range
  • Broad-spectrum hemp extract
  • Available in two bottle sizes
  • Enough servings for a month, if using one serving a day (two months, if the 2500mg option)

Who It's Right for

  • Users who need a higher dose of CBD
  • CBD fans who prefer a broad-spectrum product
  • People who find that regular strength is not sufficient for their needs

    Black Label High-Potency CBD Oil (Best For Users With Greater CBD Needs)

    You can get double the CBD concentration of regular-strength CBD oils, with the Black Label range. This extra-strength 2500mg CBD oil is a broad-spectrum hemp extract in mild-tasting organic MCT oil. It contains 83 mg of CBD per serving (1mL) and is ideal for severe pain and inflammatory conditions.

    low thc cbd oil

    This extra-strength THC-free CBD extract is also available as a 5000mg CBD oil, so you won't run out of your favorite high-potency CBD oil with low THC. Of course, like all products available from Pure Spectrum, it is 100% THC-free.

    It perfectly complements the rest of the Black Label CBD range, which includes a salve and bath soak for soothing sore limbs and relaxing frazzled nerves. Black Label is one of our most popular CBD oil product ranges amongst professional athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

    This high-potency CBD oil is the ultimate natural treatment for sore muscles, aching joints, and general fatigue after sports and activity.

    Why It's Great

    • THC-free
    • High-potency - for severe imbalances 
    • Available in two bottle sizes
    • Highest CBD oil concentration in the Pure Spectrum range

    Who It's Right for

    • Users with higher CBD needs

    Bulk CBD Oil Bundle (Best For A More Comprehensive CBD Regimen)

    The Bulk CBD Oil Bundle contains 6 of the best THC-free CBD oil products on the market. It allows for a more comprehensive CBD therapy routine, to suit all types of users and various ailments.

    cbd oil low thc

    The bundle includes 2500mg CBD oil, 5000mg CBD isolate powder, 750mg 30-serving gummies, and 900mg (30 in a pack) softgels. It also includes a 25mg CBD oil bath soak and a 1000mg CBD Recover Salve.

    We recommend using the 2500mg oil daily and/or softgels daily, and the gummies and isolate to boost your CBD intake, as needed.

    For days when your muscles are stiff, sore, or inflamed after a workout, or you just need more targeted relief from pain and inflammation, use the salve. And when you need to unwind and get into a restful state for better sleep, the bath soak will do the trick.

    CBD oil bundles are an economical way to reap the benefits of multiple CBD products at once.

    Why It's Great

    • Contains multiple CBD oil products that are all THC-free
    • Allows you to adapt your CBD routine according to your needs
    • Great value for money

    Who It's Right for

    • Anyone who enjoys variety and versatility in their CBD supplementation
    • Users with more than one ailment that responds to different types of CBD treatment

      Total Recovery CBD Bundle

      Enjoy the best of the Black Label CBD oil range, with the Total Recovery CBD Bundle. This is the most popular CBD oil bundle for athletes and fitness gurus. It includes everything you need for total recovery after a grueling sports match or training workout, and all the contents are guaranteed THC-free.

      Sore, stiff muscles, and post-exercise inflammation are common problems in the sports and fitness community. But with the recovery and repair effects of high-potency CBD oil, you'll find them much easier to deal with.

      cbd oil with minimal thc

      The Total Recovery Bundle includes a 2500 mg bottle of extra-strength CBD oil, a 5000mg CBD isolate powder, a 25mg Recharge CBD bath soak and a 1000mg Recover Ice high-concentration CBD oil cream. We recommend you use the 2500mg oil daily, and boost your intake with the isolate as needed.

      For days when you need to recharge your body and mind, take a warm bath and add the bath soak containing CBD and magnesium. Use the water-based CBD cream, with the added power of essential oils and botanicals, post-workout or after a sports match for relief from aching muscles.

      Why It's Great

      • THC-free
      • Safe for professional athletes
      • Helps with the most common sports and fitness problems
      • A variety of all-natural CBD products
      • Can be used to adapt your daily CBD routine as required

      Who It's Right for

      • Athletes and fitness enthusiasts
      • Anyone who leads a very active lifestyle
      • Everyone who needs high-potency CBD oil
      • Users who enjoy a complimentary routine of CBD products

      Endopet Cannabidiol Oil For Cats

      Does your feline friend suffer from stress about trips to the vet? Do they have problems with their joints? CBD oil is as beneficial to our beloved pets as it is for humans. But it has to be just the right formula for animals, and THC-free. That's what you get with Endopet CBD Oil For Cats.

      This CBD oil for cats is a broad-spectrum hemp extract with an organic MCT oil base. It contains 10mg of CBD per serving, suitable for most breeds of cats weighing between 1 and 20 lbs. It can be administered via a dropper in the mouth, or added to food and treats for extra convenience.

      low thc high cbd tincture

      Why It's Great

      • THC-free
      • All-natural ingredients
      • Allows cat owners to keep their pets comfortable and balanced
      • Formulated to be a safe dosage for cats

      Who It's Right for

      • Felines suffering from painful, inflamed joints
      • Nervous or anxious cats
      • Cats with poor appetite and general malaise

      Endopet Cannabidiol Oil For Dogs

      Don't worry dog lovers, there's a THC-free CBD oil for canines, too. Endopet Cannabidiol Oil For Dogs is specially formulated for the health and well-being of dogs and comes in three strengths for different dog breed sizes.

      Whether you have a small, medium, or large breed of dog, you'll find the right strength for them, clearly marked on each pack. This CBD oil for dogs is a broad-spectrum hemp extract, blended with organic MCT oil.

      Like CBD oil for cats, the dog's CBD oil can be used on food or treats, or administered via dropper to the mouth. For even faster results, apply to dry noses or paw pads for quick absorption and faster healing.

      cbd-rich oil with low thc

      Our furry friends are just as prone to stress, pain, and inflammation as we are. The simplest way to address these issues is with CBD oil that's created specifically for pets.

      Why It's Great

      • THC-free
      • All-natural ingredients
      • Formulated to be safe for dogs
      • Three strengths that complement small, medium, and large breed sizes

      Who It's Right for

      • Dogs with pain and inflammation
      • Nervous or restless dogs

      Pure Spectrum CBD Oil Isolates (Best For Boosting CBD Intake)

      The isolate is a CBD product that, while not in oil form, can be used in conjunction with CBD oils. Pure Spectrum CBD isolate powders are completely free of THC. They're also free of the other cannabinoids found in full spectrum, and terpenes found in both full and broad spectrum products.

      They're just pure CBD, and nothing else. So, for those times when your habitual CBD concentration isn't working for you, try this isolate powder. It's ideal for adding to your existing CBD oil regimen when you are experiencing more pain, inflammation, or stress than usual and need an extra CBD boost.

      low thc cbd extract

      Because they're pure powdered CBD, with no aromatic terpene compounds and no base oil, they have almost no taste or odor. That makes it easy to add them to your daily routine, even in food or beverages if necessary. But you're free to use CBD isolate powders however you feel suits you best.

      Made from CBD extract that's purified until only a crystalline powder is left, isolates are the most concentrated form of CBD. Like our CBD oil with low THC, it's safe for everyone to use. This 99% pure CBD isolate is fast-acting and available in three sizes. Choose between 1, 5, and 10-gram-sized tubs.

      Why It's Great

      • THC-free
      • Can be added to your daily CBD regimen in many ways
      • Pure CBD and nothing else
      • No taste or odor

      Who It's Right for

      • Anyone who needs an additional CBD boost
      • People who want 100% CBD without the extra cannabinoids and terpenes

      Pure Spectrum CBD Gummies (Best For On-The-Go Use)

      Next, we have our popular CBD gummies. CBD gummies can be used to boost your regular CBD intake, anytime, anywhere. They can be used in addition to your regular CBD oil routine, or on their own whenever you need some mild relief from stress and anxiety.

      What's especially useful about CBD gummies is their user-friendliness. There's no measuring out doses. That's all done for you. Every pack is clearly marked with the concentration per serving, so you'll always know how much CBD you're ingesting.

      thc-light cbd oil

      What sets Pure Spectrum CBD gummies apart from other CBD gummies on the market, is their potency. With 25mg of CBD per gummy, they have a higher CBD content than most other gummies available. But that's not all that makes them so popular. They also taste great!

      These all-natural, vegan-friendly, fruity gummies are formulated with pure, THC-free CBD isolate. They'll tickle your tastebuds in their four delicious flavors - Green Apple, Lemon, Mango, and Watermelon. Now there's no excuse not to enjoy CBD benefits on the go, wherever you are.

      Why It's Great

      • THC-free
      • Tasty gummies and CBD therapy in one product
      • Can be used while on-the-go
      • Useful for enhancing your CBD regimen

      Who It's Right for

      • Fans of supplements in gummy form
      • Users who need a CBD product can use it anytime, wherever they are

      Pure Spectrum CBD Oil Softgels (Best For Routine Use)

      Our CBD oils are easy to use, and many users find them pleasant to take. But not everyone enjoys using oil or tinctures. So to make CBD oil therapy more accessible to everyone, we also offer CBD oil softgels. Just pop one of these a day to experience the same effects as you would taking CBD oil from a dropper.

      Like the gummies, these 30mg CBD softgels offer the convenience of exact CBD oil dosing. This makes it easier for some users to stick to a CBD schedule. If you want to incorporate CBD into your daily routine with the least amount of hassle, softgels may be the best THC-free CBD product for you.

      cbd oil with reduced thc

      These CBD softgels are formulated with organic hemp seed oil so they are also rich in Omega 3, 6, and 9, and are vegan-friendly. And as if all of those benefits are not enough, our soft gels are also small and fast-dissolving to make CBD therapy easy and convenient. That's a whole lot of goodness in one package.

      Why It's Great

      • THC-free
      • Broad-spectrum hemp extract
      • Added benefits of cassava root extract
      • Contains Omega 3, 6 and 9

      Who It's Right for

      • Anyone who finds it easier to stick to soft gel capsules over an oil-dropper method
      • Everyone who appreciates the convenience of measured doses
      • CBD users looking for the extra benefits of Omegas and vitamin C

      What Are The Benefits Of THC-Free CBD Oil?

      Whether you use CBD oil with THC or without, you'll still enjoy the many benefits of CBD. But we have found that when it comes to the THC concentrations in CBD oil, less is more. In fact, zero THC is the way to go. And here's why.

      high cbd low thc cannabis oil

      Suitable for Sensitive Users

      Some CBD users are more sensitive than others, and that's okay. We're all different, and we all react to supplements differently. But the same goes for THC.

      Some users are more susceptible to THC's effects on the brain, and even a low concentration can produce mind-altering effects. Although the risk is reduced, it is still possible for CBD oils with low THC content to produce intoxicant or hallucinatory effects.

      By eliminating THC content altogether, and opting for THC-free CBD oils, you never have to worry about an unexpected ‘high'. CBD alone will never cause these symptoms.

      Pass Drug Tests

      Athletes all over the world have come to know and love CBD oils for recovery after strenuous workouts, and relief from the pain of sports injuries. But even high-CBD low-THC oil can be a problem.

      Our broad spectrum THC-free CBD oils will pass anti-doping tests. CBD oil with low THC, on the other hand, won't, because a sensitive enough test will still detect the THC content. Because it is considered a performance enhancer, testing positive for THC could put your sports career and reputation at risk.

      If you're a professional athlete who gets regularly tested for performance-enhancing drugs, you can't take the risk of testing positive for THC. And if you stick to THC-free CBD oils, you won‘t have to.

      balanced cbd thc oil


      Are you looking for a supplement that will reduce pain and ease stress? CBD oil can do all of that and more. And for true peace of mind, THC-free CBD oils are available right here, at Pure Spectrum.

      In our years of experience, we have discovered how to create genuine CBD oils and other CBD products that show results. So put your trust in a leading CBD oil supplier with an unmatched reputation for excellence. Buy authentic Pure Spectrum THC-free CBD oils, and start enjoying the wide range of CBD benefits, today.

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