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how often should i take cbd oil

How Often Should I Take CBD Oil?

How often should I take CBD oil? This is a common question from new users, but the answer is more complex than you might think. There are numerous ways to use CBD oil, a range of concentrations, and even more reasons to use it. 

We recommend daily use to enjoy the cumulative effects of CBD. But various factors influence the amount of CBD you should take and the frequency with which you’ll need to take it. In this guide to CBD, we examine all these factors. 

So, whether you’re using CBD for pain, stress, or any other ailment, you’ll always know the best course of action to take. 

What this article covers:

How Often To Use CBD Oil

how many times a day can you use cbd oil for pain

If you’re new to CBD oil products, you may be unsure about how often to use it for maximum effect. However, this doesn’t have a cut-and-dried answer. Various factors influence how often you’ll need to use your CBD oil. 

Most users find they enjoy optimal benefits by taking CBD oil at least once a day, but everyone processes CBD differently. Let’s take a closer look at the top three criteria for how often you’ll need to take CBD oil.

Reason For CBD Use 

If you’re taking it for pain, what sort of pain is it? Neuropathic pain, for example, is a lot more challenging to treat than minor headaches or muscle aches. This will affect how often you use your CBD oil, and how much you use.

Perhaps you suffer from localized pain and inflammation caused by arthritis. This is one of the most common CBD oil benefits. Topicals are easy to apply as often as needed, so you can adapt how often you use them according to your needs.

Then again, the pain and side effects caused by cancer and its treatments may require far higher CBD concentrations and more regular doses. Before proceeding with CBD products for a serious medical condition, discuss your plans with your primary care physician.

State Of Your Endocannabinoid System

how often can you use cbd oil

The body’s Endocannabinoid system (ECS) is a communication network that transmits information to and from all the body’s internal systems. It works to maintain homeostasis- the body’s optimal state. And when your ECS is out of balance, any system in the body can become compromised. 

Your diet, lifestyle, genetics, trauma, injury, toxins, and even daily stress can all disrupt this system. When you start taking CBD, it can initially take a while for your ECS to calibrate. This is largely dependent on the severity of the imbalances you're experiencing. 

As your health changes or your particular imbalances improve or worsen, you can adjust the frequency and size of your CBD serving accordingly. The great thing about using CBD oil products is that you can create a schedule that is most beneficial to you

If a certain serving size or schedule isn’t working, try something else. 

Concentration Of CBD

Why are CBD products so expensive? Some CBD products are expensive because they contain a very high CBD concentration.

When choosing CBD oil strength, it’s best to start with a lower concentration if you’re a new user. Once you’ve used it consistently for a month, you can decide if you need a stronger or more frequent serving. To start, try our 500 mg Cannabidiol Oil, one of three products in our Beginner Bundle.  

how often should i take cbd oil

CBD gummies can be very effective, too, and these are also included in this beginner pack. If CBD gummies don’t work for you, CBD soft gels may be the answer. They also offer the convenience of pre-measured servings.

One of the reasons CBD Oil Bundles are so effective is that they contain products with different delivery methods. 

how often should you take cbd oil

How Long Will CBD Oil Last?

So, how long does CBD oil take to show results? And how long does CBD oil last? This differs from person to person, but most people begin experiencing relief after 3-4 weeks of consistent usage. The important thing to note here is consistency! CBD must be used consistently to enjoy maximum benefits. 

CBD is a natural supplement that increases your wellness over time, unlike pain or anti-anxiety medications that produce more immediate effects. Most people don’t experience a “kicking in” feeling with CBD. Rather, you’ll experience a gradual reduction of pain and stress levels and an improvement in sleep quality. 

It can take up to a month for the CBD to build up in your system before you see the results you’re looking for. If you're not getting those results after a month of consistent use, try a higher-strength product, a larger serving size, or another delivery method.

The reason it can take up to a month for CBD to begin working is because of the way it interacts with our ECS. The ECS works to create balance and harmony, and CBD interacts directly with the ECS, boosting your naturally occurring endocannabinoid levels. 

If you find your CBD oil not working, try a larger serving, or another delivery method. We always recommend taking one of our longer-lasting products (CBD oil, gummies, or softgels) to maintain the CBD levels in your system and provide daily ECS support. 

However, we have other products you can use in addition to your daily CBD oil to achieve faster results. 

how often do you use cbd oil

A favorite method here at Pure Spectrum is to use CBD isolate in conjunction with your CBD tincture. Place a scoop of CBD isolate under your tongue, and add a serving of CBD oil. Hold both the oil and the isolate under your tongue for at least 60 seconds before swallowing. 

This allows you to experience both the fast-acting effects of isolate with the longer-lasting benefits of our CBD oils. But don’t expect immediate results. Give your ECS time to come back into balance. 

Topicals are another excellent choice for fast-acting pain relief and can be used as and when needed. The skin contains a vast network of cannabinoid receptors, and when CBD is applied topically and absorbed into the skin, it provides powerful localized relief. 

Different Doses For Different Purposes

Many users find that a large serving in the morning isn’t ideal, whereas, in the evening, it is suitable for inducing restfulness and sleep. A smaller serving in the morning is more helpful to keep anxiety and stress at bay while at work.

CBD is biphasic. This means it can create different effects on the body at different serving sizes. Small servings can help you to feel alert and focused, while larger servings promote relaxation. You may need different serving sizes at different times of the day, depending on the effect you want to achieve. 

Experiment until you find the serving size and timing that works best for you.

how often do you take cbd oil

You may need a larger serving sometimes as your pain levels, amount of stress, and other lifestyle factors can change from day to day. Our extra-strength Pure Spectrum 1250 mg Cannabidiol Oil Is a great choice, as is supplementation with CBD isolate. 

The 1850 Hemp Co. 1250 mg Cannabidiol Elixir has the same concentration of CBD but is blended into a hemp seed carrier oil rather than the MCT oil. Your choice of carrier oil is largely due to personal preference. If you like a slightly nutty taste this may be the right one for you. 

how often should i take cbd oil daily

And for a more plentiful supply of this premium product, it's available in a 2500 mg Cannabidiol Elixir as well.

What About Chronic Pain? 

Chronic pain like neuropathic pain and severe sports injury pain usually requires a much higher concentration of CBD than something like mild anxiety or day-to-day aches and pains.

A multi-targeted approach may be best here, with one or more different products and delivery methods working in unison. Browse our range of CBD Oil Bundles to find the right fit for you.

how many times a day can you take cbd oil

How long do CBD drops last? It can depend on the concentration. So try our 2500 mg CBD oil, with 84 mg of cannabidiol per serving. This product is popular with athletes for sports injury pain and anyone in need of high-concentration CBD oil.

Ensure you always have enough in the home, by getting the 5000mg CBD oil, containing 60 servings.

how many times a day can i use cbd oil for pain

How Does CBD Work So Well?

Your body’s ECS regulates various processes, including pain and inflammation management, sleep patterns, and even your mood. 

The reason why CBD oil works so well is that once it enters the bloodstream, it acts on the ECS directly. It does so mainly by intercepting the ESC's two receptors, CB1 and CB2. These are responsible for transmitting messages to the brain. 

Because of how CBD affects the ESC, it can make a big difference to the processes governed by the ESC, like pain and inflammation, as well as mood and sleep. 


As you can see, the decision of how often to use CBD oil hinges on your unique situation. 

how many times a day should you take cbd oil

And with so many CBD oil products to choose from here at Pure Spectrum, you’ll easily find the right delivery method and concentration for your needs. So take a look at our pure CBD oil today, and start enjoying the countless benefits that CBD oil use offers.

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