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does cbd oil have thc in it

Does CBD Oil Have THC in It?

CBD oil therapy is becoming more and more popular, thanks to its medicinal benefits. But does CBD oil have THC in it?

CBD oil is extracted from the hemp plant. Hemp grown for medical or industrial use is not the same thing as marijuana used to “get high”. However, like marijuana, it is part of the cannabis family, which contains more than a hundred cannabinoids.

These compounds include tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD). THC is a well-known compound that can produce both stimulant and depressant effects, and also hallucinogenic effects. We examine whether or not CBD oils contain THC, and why it matters.

Does All CBD Oil Have THC?

No. Many people believe there's little difference between CBD oil and marijuanas. CBD oils can have traces of THC in them, but this is not always the case. For example, none of our products contain THC at all. Even when they do contain it, CBD oil THC content is usually a negligible amount.

These THC-containing CBD oils are known as full-spectrum CBD oils, as they contain naturally occurring cannabinoids, including CBD and THC, as well as terpenes. Broad-spectrum CBD oils usually don't contain THC but do contain other naturally occurring cannabinoids and terpenes.

do cbd products have thc

Pure CBD isolates are exclusively CBD and contain no THC in them whatsoever. They also have no other cannabinoids or terpenes in them. Just 100% CBD extract and nothing else.

So, does THC-free CBD oil work? Yes, it offers all the benefits that CBD oil is supposed to do. The only difference is that it contains no psychoactive potential. CBD oil users are generally using it for medical reasons, like pain relief, and sometimes for easing stress. Not to get “high”.

THC is unnecessary for these medical and relaxation benefits, and that's why CBD oil doesn't need to contain it. CBD gets straight to work on the body's endocannabinoid system, known as the ECS.

Here, it binds to and activates receptors, like serotonin and adenosine, and boosts dopamine production. CBD works in harmony with your body's ECS and encourages the body's production of natural cannabinoids.

That's not to say that CBD oil with low THC will not help with pain, inflammation, and stress like other CBD oils will. All CBD oils will do this. Those containing THC may be problematic for athletes and other people subject to regular testing for banned substances.

But how can you use CBD oil without fear of being banned from sports matches? Does all CBD oil have THC in it? And if not, what is the best CBD oil with no THC?

does all cbd oil have thc

What About Pure Spectrum CBD?

Are you looking for the best CBD products that are THC-free? Pure Spectrum CBD is dedicated to offering pure CBD oil for sale that are easy to use, and THC-free. That means that everyone, even professional sportspeople, can use them safely.

Pure Spectrum CBD Oil products are guaranteed not to contain any THC, no matter which product in our extensive range you use.

is there thc in cbd oil

Why is this so important? Marijuana is on the World Anti-Doping Agency's list of banned substances. This is because of the performance-enhancing possibilities associated with one of its most active compounds - THC.

If THC is detected in one of their tests, an athlete may be prohibited from competing in a professional competition. If you use Pure Spectrum products, you never have to worry about this issue. You also have no risk of psychoactive or hallucinogenic effects, as CBD does not do this.


Black Label, loved by athletes worldwide, is blended in organic MCT oil for the energy you need for your sport. It comes in 2500mg CBD oil and a 5000mg variant.

is there any thc in cbd oil

Our CBD Isolates, true to their name, are isolated forms of pure CBD only. They are used to boost your CBD regimen, when you need a higher CBD concentration, without any other compounds getting in the way.

Our products are thoroughly tested, to ensure that you only get what we say is in our oils. Nothing more and nothing less.

cbd oil have thc in it

How Well Do Pure Spectrum's THC-Free CBD Oils Work?

We'll let you be the judge of that. We give you all the information you need to make an informed choice. While other companies make boastful claims, with little evidence to back them up, we have the proof! After extensive testing of all of our products, we put up the test results for all to see.

In our years of experience, we have dedicated ourselves to transparency. That's how you can be sure that Pure Spectrum CBD oils are made by a reputable company. We are proud of the reputation for quality that we have built, and how it has made us leading experts in the CBD oil industry.

This is what has led to so many of our customers being satisfied, and we're certain that once you've tried our products, you'll become one of them. Pure Spectrum CBD products have been used with great success for combatting pain and inflammation and alleviating the symptoms of a variety of disorders.

cbd oil with thc in it

For your convenience, we have a wide range of CBD products including tinctures, topical products, soft gels, and gummies. But our tailor-made CBD bundles are some of our bestsellers. You'll find bundles made for beginners, for athletes post-workout recovery, and so much more.

does cbd oil have thc


If you're a seasoned CBD user and know what works for you, you'll find oils from regular-strength CBD Oil all the way to extra-strength CBD concentrations. CBD has a cumulative effect and takes time to start working, so if you haven't used it for a while, it'll take a while to see results.

CBD oil is not an overnight cure-all. But with regular and consistent use of our products, you will see results.



THC is not necessary for you to reap the benefits of CBD oil. Although CBD oils with THC in them will still offer relief from pain, inflammation, and stress, it's best to stick to zero-THC CBD oil if you're a professional athlete.

And that's the only kind of CBD oil that you'll find at Pure Spectrum. From our oils, tinctures, and elixirs to our topicals, gummies, softgels, and isolates are all THC-free. Experience the goodness of CBD products with no THC in them.

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