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what is the bioavailability of cbd oil

What Is the Bioavailability of CBD Oil?

You may often come across the term "bioavailability" when talking about CBD oil. It's important to better understand this concept in order to get the most out of CBD.

Bioavailability, in the simplest terms, is the amount of CBD that, once consumed, can have an effect on your body. To elaborate further, it's the ratio between how much CBD you take in versus the amount your body can actually use.

With countless CBD goods currently on the market, it gets tricky with choosing the right one. That's why Pure Spectrum CBD stands out as a symbol of quality and trust in this industry.

As a top provider of high-quality CBD goods, we are dedicated to making sure that each of our products has the most bioavailable CBD. This is shown in how carefully we extract CBD and formulate our products, making the most of its possible benefits.

In this CBD oil guide, you'll learn more about the idea of absorption, with a focus on how bioavailable CBD oil is. We'll talk about how to get the most out of the CBD products you use and why Pure Spectrum CBD should be your first stop for high-quality and easily absorbable CBD products.

What this article covers:

What is Bioavailability?

Before further discussing the bioavailability of CBD oil, let's first delve into what "bioavailability" means and its significance in the usage of CBD.

As previously stated, bioavailability describes how much of a substance enters the bloodstream and its subsequent effect when it is taken into the body. Simply put, it's the amount of something you consume that your body is able to use. The idea of bioavailability is not unique to CBD; it applies to all things, from the vitamins and minerals in our food to the supplements we take.

Why is it important to understand absorption, especially when talking about CBD? The answer is simple: the absorption of CBD changes how quickly and effectively it works in your body.

But how does CBD oil make you feel? And does bioavailability affect this? The answer is that yes, you'll feel more from CBD if it has a higher degree of bioavailability, while a product with a lesser degree of bioavailability may have significantly lower effects. Simply put, if you understand how absorption works, you can make use of better CBD products and choose suitable intake amounts.

cbd oil sublingual bioavailability

CBD's bioavailability can be affected by a number of things. Among these things are:

  1. Method of Consumption: How you take CBD can have a tremendous effect on how well it works. For instance, consumed CBD first passes through the digestive system and is then broken down before it reaches the bloodstream. This is called the "first-pass effect," and it can make CBD less bioavailable when it is taken orally. On the other hand, putting the substance under the tongue for several seconds before swallowing can help you better absorb the CBD, making it more bioavailable.
  2. Quality of the CBD Product: Bioavailability can also be affected by the quality of the CBD product and its overall effectiveness. Our high-quality CBD oils at Pure Spectrum CBD are produced efficiently, making them easier for the body to absorb.
  3. Individual Factors: CBD's bioavailability can also be affected by physical factors like a person's metabolism, general health, and even genetics.

If you know about these things, you can increase the absorption of the CBD products you use and get the most out of them. We'll go into more detail about the process of bioavailability and its effects on the absorption of CBD oil.

The Bioavailability of CBD Oil: An In-Depth Look

Now that you have a better understanding of the bioavailability of CBD and its significance, let's look at how the body absorbs it in greater detail.

When you take CBD orally, it first goes through your digestive system and liver, where enzymes break it down. This is known as the “first-pass effect”.

Sadly, a lot of CBD can be lost during this process, lowering the amount that ultimately gets into your system. If you take it sublingually, the CBD enters your bloodstream more directly, increasing its bioavailability.

The truth about CBD oil is that the level of bioavailability in CBD oil can change based on how it is taken. When CBD is eaten or taken in a pill form, its bioavailability ranges from about 6 to 19% on average. However, when taken sublingually (under the tongue), the bioavailability can go up to 20–30%.

Bear in mind that these are just estimates which fluctuate based on personal experience and the overall quality of the CBD product used.

Why then, is it so important that CBD oil can be processed by the human body? It has a direct effect on how strong the CBD is and how quickly you can feel its benefits. When calculating the amount of CBD oil to take, it's especially important to evaluate its overall bioavailability. A product that is highly bioavailable will get more CBD into your bloodstream. This means that you will feel the effects of the CBD more quickly, often at a lower dose.

bioavailability of cbd oil

However, if a product has a low degree of bioavailability, you may need to consume more of it to get the increased benefits and desired results. Also, knowing how bioavailability works can help you choose the most effective and cost-effective way to take CBD.

There are several factors to consider such as:

  • The different ways to take CBD
  • CBD's bioavailability
  • How to get the most out of your CBD oil

We'll also talk about how Pure Spectrum CBD makes sure that all of its CBD products have high bioavailability.

Methods of CBD Consumption and Their Impact on Bioavailability

A better understanding of the many ways to take CBD and its effect on your body can help you know how to choose CBD oil. Let's look at these methods of CBD consumption in more depth.

Oral Ingestion

One of the most popular ways to consume CBD is by taking it orally. Oral CBD consumption can be done by mixing CBD oil with food or drink, taking CBD softgels, or CBD gummies or mints. When consuming CBD, it moves through your digestive system and liver, where it is broken down, before entering your bloodstream. This is known as the "first-pass effect."

Because of this process, CBD absorption when taken by mouth is usually between 6-19%.

Sublingual Administration

Sublingual administration means putting CBD oil or isolate right under the tongue and keeping it there for about 60–90 seconds before consuming. This method allows CBD to enter the bloodstream directly through the capillaries in your mouth, skipping the first-pass effect.

Because of this, the potency of CBD taken sublingually is usually between 20%-30%, which is higher than when ingested via softgels or gummies.

cbd oil bioavailability

Topical Application

Topical CBD application in this instance is the process of applying CBD items directly to the skin. Creams, lotions, and salves are some examples. With this method, CBD doesn't enter the system in the same way as oral ingestion or putting it under the tongue. Instead, it interacts with cannabinoid receptors in the skin to give relief in a specific area.

This method is often used to manage different areas of pain, like joint pain or skin problems, as opposed to the whole body.

Next, we'll talk about how to improve CBD's bioavailability and how Pure Spectrum CBD makes sure that all of its goods have the best absorption possible.

How to Improve CBD Oil Bioavailability

Once you know what bioavailability is and how it affects the functionality and potency of CBD oil, it's normal to wonder how you can make your CBD more bioavailable, especially if you've been struggling with low bioavailability. Let's look at some useful ways to improve the absorption of CBD oil.

Opt for High-Quality CBD Products

Choosing high-quality CBD products is one of the best ways to make sure that absorption is high. But remember: no matter what types of CBD oil you choose, they're all different, and their quality can have varying effects on their overall functionality.

Where does CBD oil come from? high-quality CBD products usually come from organic, non-GMO hemp. They are extracted using the best methods, and tested by an independent third-party lab for purity, effectiveness, and safety. Pure Spectrum CBD, for example, is known for our attention to quality and transparency.

what is bioavailability of cbd oil

When it comes to what to look for when buying CBD oil, quality is key - such as with our 2500 mg CBD tincture.

To stay informed, we recommend learning how to test CBD oil and how to spot fake CBD oil.

Choose the Right Consumption Method

As you've seen, the CBD delivery method is very important in figuring out how well it works. Even though taking medicine orally is easy, the first-pass effect often means that oral bioavailability is lower.

On the other hand, putting the substance under the tongue can make it much more bioavailable. So, choosing a way to take CBD that fits your wants and habits can make a big difference in how well it works.

Whether or not you like the CBD oil taste or CBD oil smell might also affect the method you choose.

Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

Lastly, your general health and your lifestyle can affect the effectiveness of CBD oil. How well your body takes and uses CBD depends on things like your metabolism, body weight, and general health.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle, including a balanced diet, regular exercise, and sufficient sleep, can help your body absorb and utilize CBD more effectively.

Bioavailability: A Crucial Factor in Choosing CBD Oil

In searching for the most suitable CBD product, it's important to put bioavailability at the top of your consideration list. Let's look at why this is so important and why Pure Spectrum CBD does a great job in this area.

cbd oil absorption rate

Importance of Bioavailability When Purchasing CBD Oil

Bioavailability is important when getting CBD oil because it directly affects how well the product works. When you use a CBD product with a high absorption, your body will absorb and be able to utilize more of the CBD, giving you greater benefits.

Getting what you desire from CBD all depends on which particular health goals you are trying to achieve. Taking into account how bioavailable something is is another way to get the most out of what you buy.

A product with a higher degree of bioavailability could give the same benefits at a lower serving size instead of one with a lower bioavailability level, which might require a larger serving size to produce similar results.

As an industry leader, Pure Spectrum CBD makes sure that all of our products are easy to absorb. We carefully choose high-quality, organic goods, using modern extraction and preparation methods that keep CBD's quality.

In short, knowing how bioavailable CBD oil is can significantly change how you use it. This means carefully selecting useful products, figuring out how to use them best, and calculating appropriate serving sizes.


A key element of buying the right CBD oils is understanding their absorption process. That way, you'll get the most out of your CBD usage and better value for money.

You now have all the information you need to manage the CBD world, from knowing the basics to learning about the different ways to take CBD and how they affect bioavailability.

Whether you are new to CBD or have been using it for a while, thinking more about bioavalibilitycan make your CBD experience better than ever.

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