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CBD Life Hacks

CBD Life Hacks

CBD is an incredibly versatile compound. There are many ways CBD can make your life a little bit easier besides the common uses such as sleep, stress, or managing pain. Keep reading for some unexpected (but totally game-changing) uses for your Pure Spectrum CBD products. 

Boost your CBD oil 

Looking to maximize the benefits of your CBD oil? Put a scoop of CBD isolate under your tongue, then add a serving of CBD oil. Hold the oil and the isolate under your tongue for at least 60 seconds before swallowing. This allows you to experience the fast-acting effects of isolate with the longer-lasting benefits of our CBD oils. (Click here for more ways to use CBD isolate).

After shaving to soothe irritation 

There’s nothing better than a clean shave… and nothing worse than razor bumps. After shaving, apply either our Daily lotion or Restore face creme. If you have particularly razor bump-prone skin, try a salve. Not only are our salves incredibly moisturizing, but they also have a higher CBD content than the lotions. Say goodbye to razor bumps and hello to smooth skin. 


Had a little bit too much fun last night? Woke up with your head throbbing and stomach in knots? The first thing you’ll want to do when you finally pry yourself from bed is to take a serving of your CBD oil. Don’t think you can stomach anything right now? Try our tasteless CBD isolate instead. 

Menstrual cramps

If you experience menstrual cramps, you’ve probably tried everything from NSAIDs to heating pads to yoga, but what about CBD? Next time cramps are getting you down, help make things a bit more bearable by taking a serving of CBD oil, then apply a topical to your abdomen and lower back. Still need more relief? Soak in a warm bath with one of our CBD bath salts. 

Make shoes more comfortable

Have a pair of incredibly stylish but wickedly uncomfortable shoes? Don’t sacrifice your outfit! Let CBD help. Apply a salve to your feet before putting on your shoes. You may also want to bring it with you in case you need to reapply. Once home, soak your feet in some of our CBD bath salts. When you wake up the next morning, you’ll never know you were wearing stilettos the night before. 

Minor skin irritations

CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties make it an excellent choice for mild skin irritations such as acne, bug bites, and blisters. Our Restore face creme is formulated with CBD isolate so that it is gentle enough for sensitive skin. For less sensitive areas, a salve is a great choice. Try bringing a salve with you next time you go camping to soothe those pesky mosquito bites. 

Under your makeup for better application 

The first step in any flawless makeup application is smooth hydrated skin. Create the perfect base by applying our Restore face creme underneath your makeup. Foundation and concealer clings to dry patches causing your makeup to look cakey. Restore will smooth the surface of your skin for a more even application, and help your skin look more luminous. 

Salve on cuticles 

Nobody wants dry cracked cuticles or hangnails. Take a tiny amount of salve (or use the salve left on your hands after applying elsewhere) and massage it into your cuticles. Healthy cuticles lead to healthier and more durable nails. 

Layer topicals 

With so many great topicals available, why choose just one? For particularly stubborn pain, our customers love layering our Liniment Cream and Recover Salve. The combination of the cooling Liniment Cream and high concentration of CBD in the Recover salve will stop aches and pains in their tracks. Don’t let pain get in the way of living your life. 

What are some of your CBD life hacks? We’d love to hear how you use your Pure Spectrum products to make your daily life easier. You can reach us at or send us a chat via our live chat!  

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