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7 Ways to Identify a CBD Scam

7 Ways to Identify a CBD Scam

You see an ad for CBD on social media about a company offering a massive discount on CBD gummies. Sounds great, right? Unfortunately, oftentimes this is a scam. Scam victims report receiving additional charges for ongoing monthly subscriptions that they never agreed to. And in many cases, victims never receive any products. 

We’ve heard from customers who have unfortunately fallen for a recent scam advertising CBD Gummies.  How can you protect yourself from CBD scams? Here are our top tips and red flags to look out for before purchasing any CBD online. 

  1. Have you Researched the Company?
    • When you see an ad offering a discount or a cure to an illness that seems too good to be true, it’s best to investigate the company and do some research. Can you find a website? Do they have any social media accounts you can check? Even without an account, you can check a company on LinkedIn, Instagram, or Facebook with just a Google search. 
  1. Are there Flashy Celebrity Endorsements?
    • While many CBD companies do have products promoted by affiliates, it is a good idea to be skeptical when you see an endorsement from a big-name celebrity.  Fraudulent companies often use celebrity names or images without their knowledge, ranging from Oprah Winfrey, Tiger Woods, Dr. Phil, Shark Tank, and many more. Make sure to verify any celebrity endorsements by checking that these endorsements are coming from verified accounts. 
  1. Does the Company Claim to be Backed by a Doctor?
    • Research the doctor and verify the claim. Find out if this is an accredited doctor or a fictitious person. Again, this can be done by simply Googling the doctor’s name. Then Google the doctor’s name with the CBD brand name and see what information comes up. 
  1. Is the Company Claiming their Products Will Cure You?
    • Any CBD product that claims to cure you of any illness is a major red flag and almost a sure sign of a scam. Due to strict FDA guidelines, CBD companies cannot make any medical claims. CBD companies can advertise their products may help with stress, sleep, pain, etc, but if there are claims such as “restore your kidney health” or “revitalize your liver,” etc, do not trust these products. A legitimate CBD company will encourage you to do your own research and consult with your doctor to decide if CBD is the right choice for your specific ailments.
  1. Is There a Customer Service Team You Can Contact?
    • Ensure you can find contact information for a company’s customer support team before purchasing. Try reaching out to them before you purchase to verify the company is responsive to their customers. If you can’t find any contact information or don’t hear back within two business days, consider this a red flag. 
  1. Can You Find Verified Reviews? 
    • Often CBD scams will use fake reviews. Check for reviews from a trusted source such as TrustPilot, JudgeMe, or YotPo. For example, you can read hundreds of verified reviews for Pure Spectrum here:
  1. Can You Find Current and Verified Test Results From an Accredited Laboratory? 
    • It is essential to check the test results for any CBD products you purchase. A CBD company should be able to provide third-party test results to verify their products contain the amounts of CBD and THC claimed. Many CBD companies have been discovered to label their products falsely. By reviewing the test results, you can verify the product contains the amount of CBD and THC advertised. The test results should come from an accredited lab and be recent! Look for the date on the test results and a batch ID to ensure that you are being provided with test results for your product. Not an old batch. Our test results for each batch are always posted on our website so you can ensure the purity and potency of the products you are taking. You can view those here: 
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