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How Long Does CBD Oil Take to Work for Anxiety?

How Long Does CBD Oil Take to Work for Anxiety?

Over 40 million adults in the US suffer from an anxiety disorder. Currently,  the most common pharmacological treatments for anxiety disorders include serotonin reuptake inhibitors and benzodiazepines. However, the laundry list of potential side effects from these drugs is causing people to look into more natural alternatives. Research shows CBD can potentially treat multiple anxiety disorders, including generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder, social anxiety disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and post-traumatic stress disorder. 

As more and more people are turning to CBD to alleviate their anxiety, they want to know how soon they can expect CBD to work. The truth is, there isn’t a one size fits all answer. 

CBD has a cumulative effect, so it is essential to take it consistently. It can take a few weeks to build up in your system. If you are not getting the results you are looking for after one month of consistent use, this is a good indicator that you should try a higher-strength product or take a larger serving size. A 2019 study by the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Colorado in Denver showed that 79% of participants reduced their stress levels within the first month of using CBD. 

It can also take some experimentation to find the serving size and frequency that works best for you. What works for one person may not work for another. We are all unique in what our body needs to reach homeostasis. When starting with CBD, it can be helpful to keep a brief log in the notes app on your phone or jot down some information on paper. Keep track of your daily serving size, the time of day you took your CBD, and how you felt that day. After doing this for 4-6 weeks, you will have a clearer picture of how much CBD your body needs. You may find it best to take a full serving every morning, whereas others may get the best results from splitting their CBD into multiple smaller servings throughout the day. 

Combining different products with varying delivery methods can help to achieve better results. Some products will last in the body much longer than others, whereas others work best for immediate relief. Adding isolate into your routine alongside our longer-lasting products (tincture, gummies, or softgels) is a great choice for combatting anxiety. Isolate is our fastest-acting product and works great in a pinch. We carry both CBD and CBDa isolate. For those new to hemp products, we recommend starting with CBD. Most of our customers find the relief they seek from CBD alone. However, just as we mentioned before, everybody is different. If you have already tried CBD isolate and are looking for an extra boost, trying CBDa is a great idea. 

Don’t feel discouraged if CBD doesn’t work for you immediately. This is normal. Stay consistent and keep experimenting. If you have questions about using CBD to help manage your stress and anxiety, contact us via our online chat, call us at 303.674.5759, or email us at We are happy to answer any questions you may have or help you choose the products best suited to your needs. 

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