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Four Ways to Stick with Your New Year’s Resolutions

Four Ways to Stick with Your New Year’s Resolutions

January 1st is right around the corner. There is no better time than the New Year to set goals for yourself. But chances are you find yourself setting lofty goals for the New Year, only to abandon those goals completely before March. This doesn’t mean you’re doomed to fail, just that you must reevaluate how you set those goals. Follow these four tips to make this the year you keep and accomplish your New Year’s resolutions. 

  1. Get Clear on Your Goals
    • Many people tend to set very broad and vague goals for themselves. For example, “this year, I want to live a healthier lifestyle.” Get clear with yourself on what a healthier lifestyle looks like to you. How will you achieve this? What steps will you take to get there? It is important to make these steps specific for you, but some examples might be:
      • Exercise for one hour, five times a week
      • Meal prep lunches for work (limit eating out)
      • Take Vibrance every morning with breakfast 
      • Take Tranquil every night before bed
      • Get 8 hours of sleep per night 
  2. Set Attainable Goals
    • Set yourself up for success by setting achievable and realistic goals. For example, if you’re new to working out, selecting an advanced program will deplete your confidence and set you back when you struggle to complete it. It is important to challenge yourself, but don’t bite off more than you can chew! Small victories help you gain forward momentum. You will grow your confidence, skill, and capability to achieve even bigger goals in the future. 
  3. Accountability 
    • Write your goals down and give yourself a timeline. Check in with yourself regularly to ensure you are making progress. It can be helpful to share your goals with others to give you a sense of obligation to follow through. When possible, surround yourself with like-minded people looking to encourage and help each other improve. And when you achieve your goals, you’ll have people to celebrate with!
  4. Consistency is KEY! 
    • As with most things in life, consistency is the most important factor in achieving your goals. It’s easy to feel that initial spark of motivation, but staying dedicated is where you see the results. If bettering your health is one of your goals, working out one time isn’t going to make a difference. Just like how taking CBD one time won’t make a difference. CBD has a cumulative effect, so it is essential to take it consistently. It can take up to a month for CBD to build up in your system before seeing the results you’re looking for. This is because of the way CBD interacts with our Endocannabinoid System (ECS). The ECS works to maintain homeostasis- the body’s optimal state. CBD interacts directly with the ECS by boosting the levels of our naturally occurring endocannabinoids. When the ECS is out of balance, depending on the severity of the imbalances, it can take a little while for the ECS to recalibrate. This is why it is important to stay consistent to achieve positive results from using CBD. Try keeping your bottle of CBD oil in a place you can’t miss it or setting a reminder on your phone to take it daily. 

Taking CBD can help you achieve your health goals in more ways than one. When taken consistently, CBD helps bring your whole body into balance. The ECS interacts with many systems throughout the body, including the digestive system, endocrine system, nervous system, and more. Whether your goals include reducing stress levels, getting better sleep, or working out more consistently, let Pure Spectrum be your advantage in 2023.  

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