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Reviews Show Pure Spectrum Strongly Position as Top 10 Global CBD Brand

Reviews Show Pure Spectrum Strongly Position as Top 10 Global CBD Brand

In the unregulated, “wild west” CBD industry, customer reviews can be one of the few, sound tools at a potential customers disposal. In a recent study, more than 60% of online shoppers cited product reviews as one of the items they often use in their decision-making process. Pure Spectrum CBD has long been known as a company that “does things the right way” – from their hemp grown on family farms right here in the United States, to their ethical processing practices, third-party lab testing and commitment to both their customers and farmers, they have positioned themselves as a company you can trust. That commitment seems to be paying off, as their spot in the rankings on CBD review lists across the world continues to climb.

In a survey of recently done review lists (published within the last 12 months), Pure Spectrum averaged a ranking of 7.8, up from a 17.2 average ranking in a similar survey done in 2018. This massive jump in placement can be credited to a number of effective strategies that the company employed over the last year to increase brand awareness and credibility within the industry. Those strategies started with their historic 2018 partnership with The CrossFit Games, and expansion of their sponsored professional athlete roster. In March of 2019, Pure Spectrum brought comedian, podcast host, and social media influencer Brendan Schaub on as part of their ownership team. The company is ending 2019 with a strong push towards tighter regulations in the hemp industry – as they continue to set the standard for seed to sale transparency, third-party lab testing, ethical processing and customer service.
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