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Pure Spectrum Makes Forbes List of Top CBD Brands

Pure Spectrum Makes Forbes List of Top CBD Brands

The 2018 Farm Bill was signed into law in January of 2019 – and brought with it a rash of new cannabis startups popping up seemingly overnight. While many have a wide variety of products and other offerings, the market is becoming saturated with pretenders and those looking to simply make a quick buck.

One segment of this budding industry receiving a glut of the attention from these new brands, is the pet marketplace. Many companies offer a pet product line – but the same problems exist in this part of the industry as well. For pet owners who put their safety and well-being of their companions first, Forbes compiled a list of the top pet CBD brands based on quality, not popularity, or slick marketing – but a true test of what is actually in the products.

Forbes highlighted Pure Spectrum as one of these top brands. In their write up about why the company was included in the list – it was a familiar review for those who have used Pure Spectrum CBD. Forbes cited that the company was a favorite amongst those who identify as “CBD purists” – in other words, those who know about CBD and value a high-end product – chose Pure Spectrum.

Pure Spectrum has grown as a company exponentially over the last three years, and seeing their name on lists like Forbes shows their commitment to producing a high-quality, sustainably-sourced, ethically processed product, is being noticed across the globe.
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