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How To Use CBD Isolate

How To Use CBD Isolate

CBD isolate is over 99% pure cannabidiol (CBD) in powder form. This is the purest form of CBD available. Our CBD isolate is extracted from organically grown hemp under lab conditions to provide high-quality, fast-acting CBD. Isolate is not only our fastest-acting product, but also cost-effective and highly versatile. CBD isolate is perfect for boosting your daily intake, DIY projects, or quick on-the-spot relief.


Try taking your CBD isolate sublingually (under the tongue) for quick absorption. Take a scoop of the isolate and place it under your tongue for at least 60 seconds before swallowing. Holding the isolate under your tongue allows for faster absorption because the CBD doesn’t have to go through your stomach and digestive system before being absorbed into the bloodstream. This makes sublingual absorption perfect for when you need relief quickly. 


CBD isolate is fat-soluble, meaning it can be dissolved into oil or butter to create delicious CBD treats or meals. Heat your fat-based substance over low heat and stir in your desired amount of isolate until combined. Baking with CBD gives you longer-lasting effects because your body needs to break down the food to absorb the CBD. CBD is sensitive to heat, so choose lower heat recipes (under 320 degrees Fahrenheit) when cooking or baking. Do not expose the CBD to heat longer than is necessary. Remember to store your CBD treats in an air-tight container out of direct sunlight to prolong potency and freshness. 

DIY Topicals

Do you have a favorite lotion or face cream you want to supercharge? Simply stir in your desired amount of CBD isolate until combined. When applied topically, CBD is excellent for targeting specific areas.

Are you feeling extra creative? Try making a lotion or salve from scratch and adding isolate for a completely customizable CBD topical. Remember that isolate is dissolved in fat, so add the CBD to the oil-based ingredient in the recipe when creating DIY products. 


CBD isolate is safe for pets! Is your pet particularly picky? While most pets have no problem taking our Endopet CBD oils, we all know how stubborn pets can sometimes be. Top their food with some tasteless isolate to ensure your pet meets their daily CBD needs. 

Boost your CBD Oil

A favorite method here at Pure Spectrum is to use CBD isolate to boost your tincture. Put a scoop of CBD isolate under your tongue, then add a serving of CBD oil. Hold both the oil and the isolate under your tongue for at least 60 seconds before swallowing. This allows you to experience the fast-acting effects of isolate with the longer-lasting benefits of our CBD oils. Truly the best of both worlds.

We recommend using CBD isolate in conjunction with one of our longer-lasting products (CBD oil, Gummies, or Softgels), but how you choose to use your isolate is up to you. Whether it be directly under your tongue, a delicious CBD-infused treat, or a homemade salve, the possibilities are endless. We could go on forever about the incredible ways to incorporate this versatile product into your routine, but we suggest you try this versatile product for yourself to see what all the hype is about. You can find all of our isolates right here!

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