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Four Terrifying Facts About The CBD Industry

Four Terrifying Facts About The CBD Industry

Did you know that CBD products are not regulated by the FDA? This means that not all CBD products are created equally. With the abundance of CBD companies on the market, it is important to be able to distinguish between a quality product and a cash grab. Some of these products can even have a scary impact on your health. 

  1. Products not containing the amount of CBD and THC advertised

A CBD company should be able to provide third-party test results to verify their products contain the amounts of CBD and THC claimed. Many CBD companies have been discovered to label their products falsely. According to University of Pennsylvania research, “nearly 70 percent of all cannabidiol products sold online are either over or under-labeled.” Reviewing the test results can verify that the product contains the amount of CBD and THC advertised. The test results should come from an accredited lab and be recent! Look for the date on the test results and a batch ID to ensure that you are being provided with test results for your product. Not an old batch. 

Pure Spectrum’s testing procedures are the industry gold standard. Our raw materials and finished products are tested multiple times at every stage of the process. Our test results for each batch are always posted on our website so you can ensure the purity and potency of the products you are taking. 

  1. Toxic Chemicals and Pesticides in your CBD products 

A quality CBD product starts with quality hemp. Knowing where the hemp is sourced and the growing conditions are crucial. Hemp is known to be a bioaccumulator, which means it absorbs materials from its surroundings. In fact, it is so effective at absorbing material from the soil that it was used in the area around the Chornobyl nuclear power plant to absorb dangerous radionuclides from the soil after the explosion. 

In a study of over 500 CBD products, researchers led by Hannah Gardener of the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine found that “Low-level contamination of edible CBD products with heavy metals and phthalates (additives for plastics) is pervasive.” This can have detrimental effects on your health when consumed regularly. 

Pure Spectrum only grows our hemp plants on sustainable family farms in the United States that must provide test results to prove the purity of cannabinoids. Our hemp plants are organically grown, and our products are rigorously tested for heavy metals, microbials, and pesticides. 

  1. Failing a Drug Test 

Knowing the THC content of any CBD products you use is important. If you are looking for a product without intoxicating effects or if you are subject to drug tests, it is important to choose a THC-free product. Even trace amounts of THC can build up over time and result in failed drug tests. 

We remove all trace amounts of THC so that first responders, active military, professional athletes, and other regularly drug-tested individuals can confidently use our products.

You can view our test results here.

  1. CBD Scams 

CBD scams are on the rise. People order products from a shoddy company that never arrive and then can find no way of contacting the company. A reputable CBD company should have a team committed to answering questions and helping customers to choose products best suited to your needs. If you can’t find a way to contact the company, that is a major red flag. 

Our customer service team is committed to helping our customers make informed decisions. You can reach out to us with any questions via our online chat, email (, or phone (303.674.5759).  

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