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Dear Charlotte: CEO’s “Thank You” To CBD Pioneer

Dear Charlotte: CEO’s “Thank You” To CBD Pioneer

Dear Charlotte,

How do you thank someone for changing the world?

What is a suitable way to acknowledge the person who removed the world’s blinders to the healing powers of the cannabis plant?

There is simply no way to do it – certainly not in the way you deserve.

I have followed your journey from the beginning – and today I can only say “thank you.”

Without your inspiration, and the amazing work done by The Stanley Brothers creating a company in your name – my own dreams of building my company could not have been realized.

You helped form a new world – one that allowed me to pursue my dream – again, how do you honor someone for giving you a gift so grand?

You lived a life that ensured hundreds of years from now, people will still have your name on their lips.

Your legacy as hemp’s greatest and most influential pioneer is deserving of such immortality.

Your spirit lives on in all of us who were inspired by you to continue this important work.

You achieved so much in your short life – and I am deeply saddened today by the thought of how many other ways you could have changed the world for the better.

Tell your family thank you for the courage they showed – and continue to show.

Let them know we mourn with them – that the entire industry mourns with them in their time of loss.

Thank you for leaving this world a better place than it was when you entered it – we can all only hope to be able to say the same when we are called home.

Rest Easy Charlotte,

Dan Huerter

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