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More About Pure Chill CBD Mints

15mg of CBD per mint

The refreshing flavor of mint meets the chill of CBD. Our Pure Chill CBD Mints are the perfect added boost to your CBD routine to enjoy anytime, anywhere! Each compact, discreet container includes 30 fast-acting mints with 15mg of CBD each.

Use on an as-needed basis. Works best when paired with a longer-lasting product (Oil, Gummies, Softgels)

Pro Tip: Be sure to keep close by (in the car, at your desk, etc.) to reach for whenever you need some fast-acting relief!



Cottonseed Oil

Natural Flavors

Cannabidiol Isolate

Game Changing Results

I have been using CBD for a few years. I have arthritis and it helps me. I live in New York and my Colorado daughter first introduced me to Pure Spectrum and I am so glad she did. Wonderful products

Ellen Anzovino

Verified Buyer

Great stuff !

Excellent product.
Well worth the shipping to uk.
Customer service is fab too. Fast reliable and courteous.
Well done guys

Dawn Atkinson

Verified Buyer

I had my spine fused when I was 15 and had always had trouble sleeping, I found pure spectrum and now I’m able to sleep great!

Bryson Tassano

Verified Buyer

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