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  • Daniel Huerter


    Daniel Huerter brings his entrepreneurial spirit back to the company he co-founded in 2016.  After graduating from University of Kansas in 2012, Huerter pursued a successful career with a Fortune 500 software company. He quickly gained the trust of high-level clients in the public sector like SMU, Cal Poly, and even The United States Senate. His drive and passion to create something he believed in, helped push him to take the risk and leave that career behind - rolling the dice with a cannabis startup in the early days of the CBD boom.  Huerter would become the first person to ever speak about the benefits of CBD for athletes on national television, highlighting the company’s partnership with The CrossFit Games on CBS Sports in 2018.  He would continue to help Pure Spectrum grow and achieve history-making milestones, before stepping down as COO  in 2019.  After co-founding and helping run a hemp distribution company from 2019 to 2021 - Huerter answered the call from his first company - asking him to return and take over as CEO.  If Daniel isn’t at his desk at Pure Spectrum’s headquarters, you might be able to find him at the music studio he co-founded, volunteering for organizations that help young entrepreneurs - or crushing a workout before spending time with his family, girlfriend and dog.

  • Brock Wood


    Brock's extensive financial experience obtained in commercial lending at both the small business level and middle market level, coupled with the experience of managing the financial and administrative aspect of two different businesses provides the business and financial awareness necessary for his role as CFO at Pure Spectrum. His background in the agricultural community the last three years at 96 Agri Sales, Inc., has garnered the respect of the agricultural community in central Kansas. He obtained his Bachelor’s in Business Management from Fort Hays State University, and his Master’s in Business Administration from Baker University.

  • Dallas Crum


    Dallas is a former junior hockey player who grow up in Boise, Idaho and went to Boise State for a degree in entrepreneurship and business management. He has always been a marketer at heart and uses his favorite quote from Maya Angelou as a cornerstone for all of his marketing and life decisions: "I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” This, and his interest in entrepreneurship, lead him to start the incredible company, Vivid Roots. At Vivid Roots his team takes people on life-changing Impact Adventures and uses the proceeds to increase access to clean water, education, and health services.

  • Zachary Croteau

    VP of Operations

    A Colorado native, Zach, is a well-educated, ambitious entrepreneur with a passion for bettering himself and his community. In his time as a team lead with Pure Spectrum he's gained unwavering knowledge and met illustrious teammates turned friends. Zach believes robustly in the cannabis industry and the benefits it provides for his family and friends. Zach hopes one day the world will be educated enough to consider the hemp/cannabis plant a medical marvel, and make it accessible to all.

  • Shelly Swanke

    Executive Sales Manager

    Shelly has been a part of Pure Spectrum CBD since February of 2018. She left the comfort of her 15 year sales career in printing and packaging world to pursue her passion for the emerging hemp industry. A natural ambassador of plant medicine, Shelly sought to partner with like-minded individuals with equal passion for helping others and raising the bar of the hemp industry every day. She strives to lead the sales team with honesty, integrity, and a drive for success. Shelly earned a Master's in Science from Clemson University and has been a teacher in the Colorado and International yoga community for over 10 years.